"We've been doing Cloud Computing since before it was cool to call it that."


Established 1997. Providing professional hosting services since 2002.

Welcome to RT Software Hosting Services

We are Hyper-V 2012 Replication Hosting Experts. You should speak with us if you don't already have an offsite replica of all your Hyper-V workloads. And if VMware is your game, we know how to play ball. Let's talk.
We are right-sized for many organizations who need offsite backup, remote high availability, Hyper-V Replica Hosting, Application hosting or other disaster recovery and disaster avoidance solutions.
Capacity for over 300 physical servers now, and pre-planned flex space to grow into an additional 300 physical servers
Data cabling and power cabling are run on differing raceways
Two of our favorite things - Fiber Optic Cabling and Grounding Straps
We are fanatics when it comes to power. Actually - Security, Power, Cooling and Bandwidth are equally obsessed over.
18 ton air handler - one of five redundant cooling systems
HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sun, and others - we host the hardware you need to host
Sometimes, I think we may have altered Earth's orbit by piling this much iron in one spot.
1000 amp electrical service, highly redundant dual power sourcing at the cabinets, battery, surge, generator
100Kw Natural Gas Generator
Raised flooring, air-only space under floors (no wires!), perforated tiles, high-CFM air flow updrafts under server cabinets
We are committed to helping your business grow and succeed through technology!


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